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2109 Global Sustainable Tourism Workshop, Taiwan


It is the first time in Taiwan to have workshop to introduce the implementation practices and initiation of GSTC Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria by using the international tools of CBs to show how destinations can cooperate with Green Destinations Foundation to initiate their national sustainable practice through the stories of Slovenia Green Scheme and Palau Pledge.

The workshop also invited the first certified local agent from Thailand, Nutty adventure, to share their attitude and practices with Travelife (Tour Operator and Travel Agents) Certification system.

With the Sustainable Hotel, we invited Control Union, and Nikolas, the senior auditor to share their experiences in how a hotel can be more and more sustainable. We also have a local tour operator, Cheryl Robbins, to share with us her values of Indigenous tour in Taiwan.


Date:2019/06/18(二)-06/19(三),共2天;09:00 AM- 17:30 PM

VENUESun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Meeting Room 日月潭國家風景區管理處會議室(南投縣魚池鄉中山路599號)

Organizer:交通部觀光局日月潭國家風景區管理處 Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area

Executive:台灣永續旅行協會 Sustainable Travel Taiwan

Target Audience: Operators, Agents and DMOs in Taiwan

Register Fee:每位原價12,000元,專案補助後每位6,200元,日月潭國家風景區轄內業者優惠價每位4,500元(含工作坊材料費、保險費、餐飲及茶點費)



The Framework and Targets of the Workshop

1.To share global tourism trend from implementation stories. (趨勢—從講者落實操作永續旅遊的故事,了解全球永續旅遊趨勢)

2.To bring a sustainable implementation strategies and ideas to DMOs and stakeholders of Sun Moon Lake and other destinations.(如何做–帶給旅遊目的地的長官、業者與利益相關團體,了解如何執行、操作永續旅遊的策略方針)

3.To initiate a long term sustainable tourism framework.(開始作–試圖啟動各單位永續旅遊發展的長遠架構)
4.To achieve SDGs 12 and 17.(回應聯合國永續發展目標SDGs目標12 與目標17)
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